I’ve Done 100 Daygame Approaches

I’ve Done 100 Daygame Approaches

Before I get started this is not another London-based PUA blog. Far from it. I am a 23-year-old American ex-pat living in Daegu, South Korea and I have taken it upon myself to begin the quest of learning Daygame after a particularly rocky summer with my now ex-girlfriend.

I have a bit of pre-daygame experience. At the beginning of the summer I took a trip to Seoul to try to pick up some girls. My first approach almost led to a 1-night-stand. It was exciting but it was blind luck. It was an extremely nerve-racking weekend but I did learn that I gravitate towards quieter environments instead of loud bars and clubs. Coincidentally, that summer I came across a few daygame blogs (TomTorero.com, KrauserPUA.com, and TDdaygame.com) that really resonated with me. I was very inspired by their transformations and decided that if they could claw their way up into this daygame lifestyle, then I could to!

By the end of summer I managed to date my first Korean girl (who ended up friend-zoning me) and a cute German girl (which ended in a kiss). I decided I was fully ready to commit to the daygame journey after muddling around with it for a summer.

I officially started my adventure in October of 2016. I hit the streets of downtown Daegu with a vengeance. It took me 6 hours and 8 approaches but I got my first phone number from daygame and I couldn’t be happier. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. It was truly a euphoric moment. But I soon learned about the dramatic ups and downs of daygame. I crashed when I realized that she was never going to come out on a date with me.


This was me.

It was around 50 approaches when I finally got the number of a cute Korean girl who agreed to go out on a date with me. Initially I wasn’t even going to text her because I didn’t think she was interested in me and I was a bit shell-shocked from all of the rejection I was experiencing. I didn’t plan logistics for the date because I didn’t think she would actually show up, but she did, and I screwed up Tom Torero’s Dating Model (just like I did with the first Korean girl I dated).

Things were tough after that experience because I knew it would be a while until I found another girl who spoke English, would give me her phone number and would come out on a date with me. There is literally a graveyard of text conversations in my phone that have went dead.



I picked myself up out of the resulting slump that I was in and hit the streets again. I managed to number close a girl and the following day I number closed another girl in the same exact location. It felt good. Strange things happen when you spend so much time in the city center picking up girls. I met a Korean guy and we befriended each other immediately and walked around downtown, daygaming together. He was my personal translator. It was educational and hilarious at the same time! We were a real life Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan duo roaming the streets.


Me and my wingman Daygaming.

The following day I capitalized on the momentum of that unusual experience and I managed to number close 2 girls back to back. I had a huge triumphant grin on my face after that! I congratulated myself because Daygaming alone in a foreign country is HARD and I reached 100 approaches that day. I was proud of myself.

So where does that leave me now? I’ve done 100 approaches, I’ve gotten 9 phone numbers and 1 date. That might not sound like a lot (because it isn’t) but if that’s the price I have to pay to be in control of my dating life then so be it.

I’ve learned the importance of emotional control on this journey. It’s difficult getting into a good mood everyday after work to do daygame not to mention all of the highs and lows you encounter when you are actually daygaming. For my next 100 approaches I hope I date at least 2 girls and make it to the seduction phase of the dating model. You never know what will happen when you are out there daygaming, but whatever happens, I just hope it’s better than these 100 approaches.

– Himalaya