My Japanese/American Girlfriend

My Japanese/American Girlfriend

I was coming off the heels of a summer of 84 Daygame approaches with out so much as a single date. I was frustrated and defeated. Daygame had beaten the piss out of me and I thought there was no point in doing anymore Daygame in South Korea with so little time left before I move to Los Angeles. In the mean time I decided to download Tinder and do some swiping. I got a few matches and the brief conversations I had with them (in english thank god) were already better than the past 15 numbers I had gotten from Daygame. Then I stumbled across a super like.

She messaged me first. Green light. She remembered me from the very first day I was in Korea. We had breakfast in the same room of our hotel over a year ago when I was still with my ex-girlfriend. We messaged back and forth for a while then I asked for her number. Keeping the conversation going with her was very easy as she would send me quite long messages with lots to respond to. Another green light!

We messaged back and forth for 3 full days until I asked her out. I asked her out 3 times.. on the first two times she said she wanted to but she was just too shy and on the third time she finally agreed to meet me downtown the following Tuesday. We kept messaging for another day and a half and she proposed to move our date up a few days to Sunday before. She didn’t want to meet downtown either she wanted to meet in my neck of the woods. Double green light!

Full speed ahead!

The day of our date she came dressed in clothes that looked rather warm for how hot and humid it was. We chatted about the mutual friends that we (apparently) had and about how our summer was going as we walked to a near by coffee shop. When we sat down I saw that she was wearing make up (another green light) and I thought, “this makes sense.” I could see myself fucking her. I started off my verbal escalation as usual with my ‘men and women can’t be friends speech.’ She did not object to the idea ~ green light. I did more comfort for about 15 minutes and then suggested we walk around the near by park. I knew I had to find a way to sit next to her and go for the kiss. The date would be a waste of time if I didn’t make my intensions crystal clear.

We hiked around the park. I complimented her on her legs as I could see them well in her skin tight black yoga pants. I showed her a cool view point then we sat on a bench over looking the park to rest for a bit. We chatted more about our upbringings and she told me she actually grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. If you can imagine a Japanese – American girl with a southern US accent, that’s what I was dealing with here…

Like this but with whiter skin, black hair, hazel eyes and a slightly bigger nose.

There wasn’t a perfect moment to go in for the kiss but I knew I had to – I’ve fucked up too many dates in the past by not going for it. Fuck it. I went in for the kiss. She kissed me for a bit but then turned away. She was embarrassed because she had gotten her make up all over me and because (later I would find out) I was the first boy she had kissed.

She went to the bathroom to fix her herself up. When she came out I proposed we get lunch at a near by restaurant. I pointed out all of the spots in my neighborhood that I frequent (including my house) on the way to this restaurant. We had some Korean BBQ and while she was speaking to our waiter in Korean I could make out a bit of the conversation ~ our waiter asking her if I was her boyfriend and she said “maybe, I’m not sure yet.” Green light?

We joked around about our time in Korea, she made me eat a pepper with her and then called me a punk for not being able to handle it. After we finished our lunch, she asked if I wanted to go downtown to sing some karaoke… I said I’d rather chill in the AC until it cools down. My place was right around the corner so I offered to get some snacks and watch TV at mine. She said, “are you tying to Netflix and chill me boyy?” “I’ve got my eye on you if you try to  make a move.”

I wasn’t sure if that meant yes or no, but I just wanted to try so that my intentions were clear. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would actually come back with me. We walked out of the restaurant and held hands as we walked back to mine. It was surreal. The whole time I was thinking – is this really happening?

At mine I put on some Dave Chapelle and just chilled and watched it with her. I wasn’t sure how to make a move and to be honest I was enjoying the show. Then SHE took my arm and put it around her so she could get more comfortable. Green light. I waited until my favorite joke was over then I turned her head and started kissing her. She moaned instantly. Sexy little asian squeals.

I kissed her then backed off. I made out with her then backed off. Then I grabbed her, made out with her some more and she moaned loudly. After about 10 minutes of this I reached down for her pussy but she grabbed my hand and said, “no baby.” I kissed her some more and tried to reach down again and she grabbed my hand. Then said she has always wanted to have her titties sucked on so she pulled them out, all the while saying how much of a bad boy I was for “making” her do this. Okay.

She pulled out her titties, I sucked on them and she moaned in ecstasy. I reached down for her pussy and this time she didn’t stop me. I fingered her and sucked on her titties until she came. I put her hand on my hard dick and she grabbed it tightly. I got on top of her and started dry humping her… This is when the moaning got really loud. I tried to take her pants off and she said “no baby I can’t.”

She says as she pulls her titties out.

I picked her up and put her on my bed. She gave me the most submissive look I’ve ever seen in my life. I continued to dry hump her and put her hand on my hard dick. I really thought this was as far as we were going to go then after about 10 minutes she said, “you know if I ask you if you have a condom that doesn’t mean that we’re going to have sex.” “Yeah, I  know,” I said.

“Take off the lights you bad boy,” she said, “I can’t believe you, I’m a good girl!” I took off the lights, she took off her pants, I rolled on a condom and she slipped me inside of her. Her pussy was fucking perfect! She was soaking wet! And the sounds she was making were just beautiful! She even wanted me to lay down so she could ride me – go figure!

After we were done it was no more shyness. She was all smiles and giggles. “Thank you! I’ve always wanted someone to do that to me,” she said. “What do you mean?” I said. “I’ve never done that before… so, sorry If I wasn’t any good at it,” she said, “I’m a virgin!” HOLY SHIT!

THIS is the kind of stuff I got into the game for! What an amazing experience! I took a girl’s virginity! On top of that I found it very intriguing how she gave the same signals as other girls do even though she’s never had sex before.

The Aftermath

We had sex 5 more times over the next 4 days. It became clear to me that she was actually a virgin (I didn’t believe her at first). The week after those 4 days was an even more intense fuck fest! Beautiful times. I am on cloud nine. I catch myself constantly thinking, how is this my actual life right now?! I really can’t imagine it getting any better than this.

– Himalaya


It turns out, it got even better! I ended up spending my entire last month in South Korea with her. We had a magical mini-relationship, she showed me places in South Korea that I had never seen before and since she spoke a little Korean, traveling around with her was so fascinating! THIS is the value I see in Daygame – amazing, life-changing experiences THAT HAPPEN BECAUSE OF MY INITIATIVE! What an amazing girl!

My First Daygame Lay

My First Daygame Lay

Where do I even begin? I can’t believe this actually happened to me!

I was downtown with my friends in a convenience store grabbing some beers for a party around the corner when I saw a group of cute girls outside. My friends went outside to talk to them and I joined shortly after. The girl I was talking to was an innocent-looking Croatian/American and when she mentioned she liked listening to gangster rap music, I was fascinated. We spoke for maybe 20 minutes and she was very friendly. I remember spiking the conversation a few times but each time she gave me this weird look so I really thought she was just talking to me in friend mode. I got her number, and I went about my night not thinking much of it.

She was very distant over text but that all changed when I said “I want to take you out for some coffee.”

Like this but skinnier.

On our first date I couldn’t help but notice how dolled up she was. I complimented her on how good she looked and she loved that. We went about enjoying our green tea lattes. I had my logistics sorted so bouncing to venue 2 (a jazz bar) was extremely smooth and natural. When we arrived at the bar we got some gin and tonics and found a good booth seat. We must have been there for an hour. The difference between this date and all of my others was that it was mostly non-sexual except for a few key moments. I remember there being a moment after playing strawberry fields when I just kept on holding her hand. The vibe was too electric not to kiss her so I went for it and it worked out. I invited her to my place but she had to take care of some things at home so she couldn’t that night.

I was happy with the date. We tried to set something up the following week but she was sick so she ended up flaking. I was kind of discouraged after that but she did ask to reschedule so I took that as a good sign.

The next week we were texting back and forth and we ended up setting up a dinner date at my place. I was in high spirits all week looking forward to the date until the day before she told me she didn’t want to cook at my place and would actually feel more comfortable meeting in a public place. That hit me like a ton of bricks.


Combined with having a shit day I wasn’t really feeling up for scouting a venue for our date so I decided on the restaurant right around the corner from my house.

When it finally was time for our second date I was feeling much better. She was late, but to be fair, she was coming all the way to my neighborhood. When she finally showed up we talked as we walked to the restaurant. We had Korean BBQ and she was in the mood to drink so we had some shots and beer. I don’t remember being sexual at all, but I already kissed her and invited her home on our previous date so I was taking it easy.

Towards the end of the date we both weren’t enjoying the alcohol at the restaurant so I mentioned I had some tastier stuff at my place (conveniently around the corner) so we bounced. Back at mine, she was all over the place. She danced to my music, played with the wacky lamp on my nightstand and just explored my place in general. I got her to sit still by showing her some pictures from my travels and that’s when I pulled the trigger. I started kissing her which turned into us making out and rolling around passionately. I pulled her pants down and she was a little bit bashful because she hadn’t “prepared” down there but I reassured her that I didn’t care and then – the magic happened!

My actual nightstand. You know what time it is! 😉

The smile on her face was so gorgeous as we were going at it and she even spent the night. 🙂

It is literally the morning after right now. My place is still a mess and I’m sitting here with a stupidly wide grin on my face, in shock that all this happened. Thank god for Daygame!

– Himalaya