My First Daygame Lay

My First Daygame Lay

Where do I even begin? I can’t believe this actually happened to me!

I was downtown with my friends in a convenience store grabbing some beers for a party around the corner when I saw a group of cute girls outside. My friends went outside to talk to them and I joined shortly after. The girl I was talking to was an innocent-looking Croatian/American and when she mentioned she liked listening to gangster rap music, I was fascinated. We spoke for maybe 20 minutes and she was very friendly. I remember spiking the conversation a few times but each time she gave me this weird look so I really thought she was just talking to me in friend mode. I got her number, and I went about my night not thinking much of it.

She was very distant over text but that all changed when I said “I want to take you out for some coffee.”

Like this but skinnier.

On our first date I couldn’t help but notice how dolled up she was. I complimented her on how good she looked and she loved that. We went about enjoying our green tea lattes. I had my logistics sorted so bouncing to venue 2 (a jazz bar) was extremely smooth and natural. When we arrived at the bar we got some gin and tonics and found a good booth seat. We must have been there for an hour. The difference between this date and all of my others was that it was mostly non-sexual except for a few key moments. I remember there being a moment after playing strawberry fields when I just kept on holding her hand. The vibe was too electric not to kiss her so I went for it and it worked out. I invited her to my place but she had to take care of some things at home so she couldn’t that night.

I was happy with the date. We tried to set something up the following week but she was sick so she ended up flaking. I was kind of discouraged after that but she did ask to reschedule so I took that as a good sign.

The next week we were texting back and forth and we ended up setting up a dinner date at my place. I was in high spirits all week looking forward to the date until the day before she told me she didn’t want to cook at my place and would actually feel more comfortable meeting in a public place. That hit me like a ton of bricks.


Combined with having a shit day I wasn’t really feeling up for scouting a venue for our date so I decided on the restaurant right around the corner from my house.

When it finally was time for our second date I was feeling much better. She was late, but to be fair, she was coming all the way to my neighborhood. When she finally showed up we talked as we walked to the restaurant. We had Korean BBQ and she was in the mood to drink so we had some shots and beer. I don’t remember being sexual at all, but I already kissed her and invited her home on our previous date so I was taking it easy.

Towards the end of the date we both weren’t enjoying the alcohol at the restaurant so I mentioned I had some tastier stuff at my place (conveniently around the corner) so we bounced. Back at mine, she was all over the place. She danced to my music, played with the wacky lamp on my nightstand and just explored my place in general. I got her to sit still by showing her some pictures from my travels and that’s when I pulled the trigger. I started kissing her which turned into us making out and rolling around passionately. I pulled her pants down and she was a little bit bashful because she hadn’t “prepared” down there but I reassured her that I didn’t care and then – the magic happened!

My actual nightstand. You know what time it is! 😉

The smile on her face was so gorgeous as we were going at it and she even spent the night. 🙂

It is literally the morning after right now. My place is still a mess and I’m sitting here with a stupidly wide grin on my face, in shock that all this happened. Thank god for Daygame!

– Himalaya