My First Daygame Approach

My First Daygame Approach

MY FIRST EVER DAYGAME APPROACH almost ended in a lay!!

Yesterday, I did my first Daygame approach in Los Angeles. This moment reminded me of the first Daygame approach I ever did in my life which took place in South Korea and how far I have come since. At the time I lived in Daegu, South Korea and I took a 4-hour train all the way t0 Seoul to begin my Daygame journey because I was so scared that word would get around that I creeped a girl out I approached!

I arrived at 1am on a Thursday. It was a holiday weekend. I put my bags in my hotel room and headed to bar street. I remember walking around the cold streets of Itaewon being too scared to approach any of the girls in the noisy bars and clubs.

I walked one block over to the main street. It was quieter and less crowded. I felt calm and at ease. Then I saw a really CUTE Korean girl standing on the side of the road trying to catch a taxi. It was 2am. I felt anxiety creep up as I entertained the thought of approaching her. I paced back and forth behind her 3 times in a row and then hid in a near by alley to give myself a quick pep talk. My heart was racing and I was scared to death.

I took a deep breath and marched over to her. “Hi, I think you’re cute. Can I have your number?” She paused, scanned me up and down and then gave me her number.

This is honestly the closest thing I could find, however, you’re in for a surprise if you scroll down…

I realized that I didn’t even ask her what her name was so I backtracked and started a normal conversation with her. I found out that she had just come from having drinks friends and now was catching a taxi home because she doesn’t trust herself when she is out alone (her words).

She asked me to help her flag down a taxi. I happily agreed. Then, all of a sudden she changed her mind and she wanted to go dancing. She suggested we go to her favorite club nearby. I agreed of course. She paid the $5 entry fee and in a matter of 30 minutes I went from being too scared to approach a girl to dancing with one of the hottest girls I’ve ever danced with!

I had already gotten farther than I could ever imagine so I was just happy to be there. We danced downstairs, upstairs and then downstairs again. I bought her a drink and she put her phone and cigarettes in my pocket. At one point we even bumped into her friends and she introduced me by squeezing my cheeks and showing me off. I felt on top of the world!

It was now getting close to 6am. I had invited her back to my hotel room a few times and I was now getting sleepy. I invited her back one last time and to my surprise – she agreed! We left the club and walked into the gentle morning light past piles of garbage, crowds of people ending their night and crowds of people starting their day and into the hotel lobby.

I remember her stumbling into my hotel room and once she was there she wanted to play with my camera. I was panicking because the battery had died but it turned out – she didn’t really care. I had 2 beds in my hotel room and of course she claimed the smaller bed all for herself. I, of course, preferred her in my bed so I tried my best to persuade her to join me. She objected, saying she wanted to sleep by herself and that she had a boyfriend pointing to the cheap ring she was wearing.

At this point it was 6:30 in the morning and I was genuinely exhausted. I had very little energy left to put up with her bullshit so I put on my night clothes, jumped into my bed and went the fuck to sleep. I totally ignored her. About 20 or 30 minutes later she asked to join me in my bed. I agreed but I truly didn’t care because I was trying to sleep.

I remember laying there thinking why would a girl invite a random guy out of a night of dancing and drinkingĀ and then come back to his hotel room and NOT have sex with him. Hmmmm… strange. Little did I know that, that was my window of opportunity. My precious moment to go from zero to hero was disappearing. There was even a moment in the middle of the night where she rubbed my dick with her foot but I was too oblivious to read these obvious signals.

This an ACTUAL picture of her.

I woke up at about 11am – 4 hours later in shock that she was still there and the previous night wasn’t a dream. When she woke up I kissed her. She gave me stiff lips and said she felt self-conscious about her morning breath and asked, “If I go to the bathroom and come back will you kiss me?” I gladly offered myself up for the task.

When she came back from the bathroom something was different though. She was partly dressed and the moment was gone. I tried again to make a move but it was over. She told me she thought I would make a move in the middle of the night but maybe I was gay and then she just left.

That’s it.

I did manage to see her 2-days later. I took her out, to a club, with a group of friends, that I had met that day, in an attempt to recreate, what should have been, the most epic night of my life and a legendary beginning to my Daygame journey, but by this time she had lost all attraction for me and she even separated herself from me in the club that night. I never saw her again.

– Himalaya