My First Daygame Approach

My First Daygame Approach

MY FIRST EVER DAYGAME APPROACH almost ended in a lay!!

Yesterday, I did my first Daygame approach in Los Angeles. This moment reminded me of the first Daygame approach I ever did in my life which took place in South Korea and how far I have come since. At the time I lived in Daegu, South Korea and I took a 4-hour train all the way t0 Seoul to begin my Daygame journey because I was so scared that word would get around that I creeped a girl out I approached!

I arrived at 1am on a Thursday. It was a holiday weekend. I put my bags in my hotel room and headed to bar street. I remember walking around the cold streets of Itaewon being too scared to approach any of the girls in the noisy bars and clubs.

I walked one block over to the main street. It was quieter and less crowded. I felt calm and at ease. Then I saw a really CUTE Korean girl standing on the side of the road trying to catch a taxi. It was 2am. I felt anxiety creep up as I entertained the thought of approaching her. I paced back and forth behind her 3 times in a row and then hid in a near by alley to give myself a quick pep talk. My heart was racing and I was scared to death.

I took a deep breath and marched over to her. “Hi, I think you’re cute. Can I have your number?” She paused, scanned me up and down and then gave me her number.

This is honestly the closest thing I could find, however, you’re in for a surprise if you scroll down…

I realized that I didn’t even ask her what her name was so I backtracked and started a normal conversation with her. I found out that she had just come from having drinks friends and now was catching a taxi home because she doesn’t trust herself when she is out alone (her words).

She asked me to help her flag down a taxi. I happily agreed. Then, all of a sudden she changed her mind and she wanted to go dancing. She suggested we go to her favorite club nearby. I agreed of course. She paid the $5 entry fee and in a matter of 30 minutes I went from being too scared to approach a girl to dancing with one of the hottest girls I’ve ever danced with!

I had already gotten farther than I could ever imagine so I was just happy to be there. We danced downstairs, upstairs and then downstairs again. I bought her a drink and she put her phone and cigarettes in my pocket. At one point we even bumped into her friends and she introduced me by squeezing my cheeks and showing me off. I felt on top of the world!

It was now getting close to 6am. I had invited her back to my hotel room a few times and I was now getting sleepy. I invited her back one last time and to my surprise – she agreed! We left the club and walked into the gentle morning light past piles of garbage, crowds of people ending their night and crowds of people starting their day and into the hotel lobby.

I remember her stumbling into my hotel room and once she was there she wanted to play with my camera. I was panicking because the battery had died but it turned out – she didn’t really care. I had 2 beds in my hotel room and of course she claimed the smaller bed all for herself. I, of course, preferred her in my bed so I tried my best to persuade her to join me. She objected, saying she wanted to sleep by herself and that she had a boyfriend pointing to the cheap ring she was wearing.

At this point it was 6:30 in the morning and I was genuinely exhausted. I had very little energy left to put up with her bullshit so I put on my night clothes, jumped into my bed and went the fuck to sleep. I totally ignored her. About 20 or 30 minutes later she asked to join me in my bed. I agreed but I truly didn’t care because I was trying to sleep.

I remember laying there thinking why would a girl invite a random guy out of a night of dancing and drinking and then come back to his hotel room and NOT have sex with him. Hmmmm… strange. Little did I know that, that was my window of opportunity. My precious moment to go from zero to hero was disappearing. There was even a moment in the middle of the night where she rubbed my dick with her foot but I was too oblivious to read these obvious signals.

This an ACTUAL picture of her.

I woke up at about 11am – 4 hours later in shock that she was still there and the previous night wasn’t a dream. When she woke up I kissed her. She gave me stiff lips and said she felt self-conscious about her morning breath and asked, “If I go to the bathroom and come back will you kiss me?” I gladly offered myself up for the task.

When she came back from the bathroom something was different though. She was partly dressed and the moment was gone. I tried again to make a move but it was over. She told me she thought I would make a move in the middle of the night but maybe I was gay and then she just left.

That’s it.

I did manage to see her 2-days later. I took her out, to a club, with a group of friends, that I had met that day, in an attempt to recreate, what should have been, the most epic night of my life and a legendary beginning to my Daygame journey, but by this time she had lost all attraction for me and she even separated herself from me in the club that night. I never saw her again.

– Himalaya

I’ve Done 300 Daygame Approaches

I’ve Done 300 Daygame Approaches

I dedicated every ounce of time, energy and money that I had into Daygame and STILL I was coming up short. Daygame was now something that caused me a tremendous amount of pain and provided no justifiable results. My answer to this dilemma was to give nightgame a try.

I only nightgamed for about 3 weekends but that was enough time to obtain 2 very key reference experiences. I met a hot Kenyan girl in a bar downtown. There were a few guys (and girls) hitting on her and somehow I got close enough to try what little game I had on her. At first, she was shit testing the fuck out of me. Her friends were around her taunting me, grabbing her boobs and what not, but the minute I tried anything with her she would slap me and try her hardest to put me in the friend-zone.

We went up to the rooftop to have a cigarette. I don’t even smoke. I just wanted to be alone with her and to get away from her friends. On the rooftop I complimented her and did a bit of comfort. She seemed to enjoy it. We came back into the building, got drinks and then sat on the steps right outside of the bar. We took pictures together as if we were a couple and she was going on about how I was such a cool guy because I wasn’t trying to get in her pants like all the other guys were. Whatever.

She looked like this but with darker skin and an afro hairstyle.

My game was a bit like a romantic sap that night. She was really hot and I was really drunk. There was a moment after we took our coupley pictures together where we just stared at each other and nothing was being said. Fuck it, I thought. I went in for the kiss. She turned her head away, smiled and said “I’m not that type of girl.” But I could see that she was enjoying my company so I was a bit confused. I told her that I never met someone as amazing as her before and that I could see myself marrying a girl like her one day. She actually said to me, “wow, your game is really good!” I thought she was just messing with me again. Then another moment came where we were gazing deeply into each other’s eyes but not really saying much, so I went in for another kiss. This time I got it.

I’ve never kissed a woman with such thick full lips like that. It was amazing! Several more makeouts later, I led her out to the street to try and catch a taxi back to my place. It seemed on. I asked her to come back to mine for “one last drink.” She responded with “you’re such a cool guy but you ruin it with all of this sex stuff.” I replied by saying “it’s my job to try… that’s how a man is supposed to treat a woman he’s interested in.” She said, “yes, but not all of the time. It’s much better to choose your moments.”

Daegu Scene

The Nightgame Scene.

I never did get her to come back with me but we did continue to make out all night. There was even a time where one of her (female) friends pulled her close and started making out with her. I was a bit confused and definitely jealous so I began flirting with her friend and when I noticed that same ‘looking intensely at each other but not saying anything’ moment, I went for the kiss. Second kiss close of the night. Now I was partying all night with a Kenyan girl and a South African girl casually making out with the two of them whenever I wanted. I felt like the man! Especially since there were 2 or 3 guys just following us around hating on me because they were trying to get with those girls but they kept on getting rejected.

I partied with those girls all night until 10am. I was sick the whole next day. Nightgame was a crazy fun adventure but there was no way I could do it every weekend, let alone 3 times a week consistently without the rest of my life completely falling apart.

I never saw those 2 girls again but the lessons from my Nightgame adventures were a game changer in my Daygame journey – (1) to not be so sexual all of the time but instead to “choose my moments” and (2) knowing when to go in for the kiss. I was thankful for those lessons because the very next weekend I got laid!

I now entered into a world of bliss. I really liked this girl. We would go on dates to different restaurants every Wednesday and every Saturday we would have fun weekend adventures and she would spend the night. She would even cook me breakfast too!

I really like you.

These were truly fun times. We would go to coffee shops, explore different parts of the city and just spend a lot of time with each other in general. The highlight was definitely when we went to E-world (the Korean version of Disney World) together and rode roller coasters. We even went to the petting zoo and tried different Korean snacks together too.

I couldn’t even wrap my head around how this girl could like me so much. I have literally been rejected by more women than most guys will talk to in their lifetime and here she was enjoying my company. Maybe she was crazy. After we would have sex I would lay back and drift off in to a hazey state thinking about how I fucked up on all of my previous dates but managed to get this one right.

My mistakes during dating really came down to 2 things: (1) not having my logistics planned – a coffee shop for verbal escalation and a dark seductive bar with good seats for physial escalation – and (2) not escalating on the date either because I haven’t planned my logistics smoothly enough or because I was too afraid to escalate for fear of losing her. I’ve lost more girls by not escalating than I have by escalating and what’s even worse is that I end up with a deep sense of regret for not escalating but when I do escalate, and I lose the girl, I end up feeling proud of myself because I stood up for what I really wanted.

I took a whole month off of Daygame. I was enjoying the relationship so much and I didn’t want to have to face the pain of Daygame again, but deep down I knew that I needed to get back to the grind. The girl I was dating literally lived in the heart of Downtown (where I would do all of my Daygame) so that posed a big problem for me. I found this huge university on the west-side of town and decided I would do my daygame out there.

Hooray for Uni game!

Daygaming at this University was so peaceful. It was so quiet out there compared to the hustle and bustle of Downtown. The girls were friendlier, hotter, they spoke better English and best of all they were all concentrated on that campus. This just might have been the best idea I’ve ever had!

I stopped this cute Korean girl on the steps in front of the library, she was so bubbly and positive. I number closed her and that number led to a date.

I wasn’t familiar with that area of town so I didn’t know of a good bar I could take this girl to. I remember going out to that University area the day before our date and hunting for good date venues but I couldn’t find a decent place. I settled on a coffee shop that had an area in the back where you could sit on pillows on the floor in a private little cubby. At the time this seemed like a good idea.

She flaked on the actual day of our date but she did offer to reschedule and she even called it a “date” so I was feeling optimistic about it. The day finally came. We met in front of the university and I led her to this coffee shop. She ordered her drink and seemed to be having a great time looking for the perfect seats for us. We sat down, had a bit of a chat then I began the verbal escalation. “I was talking to my friend earlier and he asked me if men and women can just be friends and I said no, I don’t think so” I said. To which she responded “but we are just friends.” I told her how I was attracted to her and about how I thought she was pretty. She smiled. I assumed she was enjoying my compliments, and then she said, “buuut I have boyfriend.”

What does this girl mean she has a boyfriend?! What exactly could be going on in this girl’s head to think it’s okay mentioning she has a boyfriend NOW that we are on our supposed “date.” I probed a bit to find out more about this boyfriend and apparently he was some military guy away on a tour. Great. Now with my tail between my legs I stopped escalating and quickly wrapped up the date up. I walked her to the bus stop and never saw her again.

I was confused after that experience. Especially since she mentioned that she had a “date” with a (female) friend over coffee the previous day. I struggled as to whether or not I should call that a date. On the one hand she technically called it a date and seemed interested during the initial approach but on the other hand maybe she called any meeting, with a human being over coffee, a date. In some cases the date felt friendzoney but in a secret way it felt on. Tom Torero would later clarify for me that she was interested in me as the lover and not the provider. Either way I had fucked up yet another date due to me not planning my logistics well enough and failing to escalate.

I struggled a bit with Daygame from there. I would go out to the University, do a handfull of sets but it was hard to put up with any rejection when I could just go to my “girlfriend’s” house and get laid.

Another month of lazing around with daygame and floating through relationship la-la land went by. “Girlfriend” planned a trip up to Seoul with her friends during a holiday weekend so we spent a ton of time together before that trip and planned a fuck day for when she came back. We had that fuck day. It was great, but that was a turning point in our relationship. By now, the amount of time we were spending together was at an all time high. After 2 months of fun, sex and dating I got the dreaded text ~ “So what are we?”

sweating bullets

“What are we?” ….we are humans.

The next day we met in a cafe and had The Talk. I was sweating bullets that day because I knew that was the moment of truth. I had to choose between a relationship with her or staying dedicated to my Daygame journey. I told her that I didn’t want a serious relationship at this point and about how I’m moving to Los Angeles at the end of the summer so it would be best to keep things casual. She was okay with that at first but by the end of the weekend she wanted to end things between us. I was now fully back aboard the roller coaster that is Daygame.

I was hurt to be honest but on the other hand I was very cocky about my daygame abilities at this point. I was also a bit nostalgic about the “good ol’ days” in my daygame adventure when I was really pushing it. I thought to myself “So What?! I’m a Player from the HIMALAYAS!!” I’ll go out and find a new girl. I’ve dated a new girl every month for the past 6 months IN A ROW. This will be a piece of cake.

I hit the streets hard that next week. I went out 4 days in a row and did 5 approaches each session – 20 Sets resulting in 8 phone numbers. Fuck yeah! I texted them, and one by one they flaked. Girl’s were “busy,” they would say their boyfriends were jealous and that they should stop talking to me, they would friendzone me, and the most painful one of all… girls would stop responding once I sent them the date request.

No matter. Everyone goes through shit streaks every now and then. I’ll just do 20 more sets and surely I’ll get another date. I hit the streets the following week, through all of the pain and self doubt I was already experiencing, and pushed my self to do another 20 sets. This time I only got 1 phone number and she flaked on me immediately. Queue mental breakdown.

Too Many Rejections

Too many rejections.

I really started to doubt myself at that point. “Was I ever any good at this?” I thought. I felt like I’d been cursed. I fell into a pit of depression for the next couple of weeks. I would spend afternoons at home by myself, in the dark, drinking and watching Californication. Then I listened to a podcast by Tom Torero about how people create self-made prisons for themselves. They have the key and could walk out of their cell anytime they wanted to but they actually enjoyed their self-made prisons. I was certainly living in a prison of my own making.

I had the bright idea of booking a Phone Coaching session with Tom Torero himself during this time. When the day came for our actual Skype call, I went out that morning to do some last minute Daygame just to see if I could record some sets before our call. I wandered around my area of town too depressed to talk to any girls and I just ended up sitting on a bench over-looking my neighborhood thinking what’s the point of all of this Daygame nonsense. I didn’t do any approaches that day but I did accidentally leave my phone recording and happened to record my entire phone coaching session with Tom Torero!

I must have listened to that recording at least 10 times. I took everything he said to heart and listened to my previous Daygame set recordings to see where I was going wrong. I emerged out of my cave ready to dust myself off and get back into Daygame.


It’s time to do some Daygame.

For the first time in my Daygame career I did 10 approaches in 1 daygame session! Yes! I’ve been trying to achieve that since I started Daygame. I did my last 25 approaches and made it to 300. Hallelujah! It’s been such a long and dramatic chapter and I am really happy to have it completed.

So where am I now? Well, in this set of 100 approaches, I’ve gotten 19 phone numbers, been on 2 dates and have finally gotten my first Daygame lay! I could complain about how this chapter was mostly shit – my lay was approach 201 and the date with the Korean girl was approach 216, so effectively 84 ‘rejections’ in a row. However, I did get laid and it went on to become a fun 2-month fling, so I am thankful for that. If every chapter from here on out was an exact repeat of this one, I’d be happy with that.

I am also thankful that I have experienced every possible outcome that can happen from approaching a girl. I’ve experienced the girls that don’t even stop for you. I’ve experienced the girls who will happily have a long chat with you but won’t give you their phone number. I’ve experienced a wide array of number closes. I’ve experienced girls who will text you for a little bit and then fall down a mysterious black hole. I’ve experienced time-waster girls who will text you for weeks but will never come out on a date with you. I’ve experienced girls who will come out on dates. I now know how to set up a good date logistically (since I’ve set up so many bad ones). I’ve seen how girls give you fake resistances but are really on for the chase. I’ve seen what a girl who is actually interested in me looks like. And most of all I’ve seen a girl give me a glowing smile as I thrusted my P into her V. I now believe that I can make it all happen through my own effort.


Seen it all.

Moving forward I have a few thoughts. I have done some reflecting on my time in South Korea and I have realized that Daygame has consumed most of it. As of now, I only have 7 and a half weeks left in South Korea before I move to Los Angeles. I can’t realistically see myself sleeping with a Korean girl in that time, and that sucks! It deeply saddens me to have spent so much time in this country Daygaming without ever having banged a native girl. However, life goes on and I am thankful for all of the amazing times that did happen.

– Himalaya

I was on Tom Torero’s Podcast #100

That is me at 46:28 featured on Tom Torero’s Podcast 100! My story covers the pain and suffering of my first 200 approaches – literally everything up to my First Daygame Lay. I encourage you to listen to the whole thing to hear how difficult yet rewarding this journey can be.

– Himalaya

My First Daygame Lay

My First Daygame Lay

Where do I even begin? I can’t believe this actually happened to me!

I was downtown with my friends in a convenience store grabbing some beers for a party around the corner when I saw a group of cute girls outside. My friends went outside to talk to them and I joined shortly after. The girl I was talking to was an innocent-looking Croatian/American and when she mentioned she liked listening to gangster rap music, I was fascinated. We spoke for maybe 20 minutes and she was very friendly. I remember spiking the conversation a few times but each time she gave me this weird look so I really thought she was just talking to me in friend mode. I got her number, and I went about my night not thinking much of it.

She was very distant over text but that all changed when I said “I want to take you out for some coffee.”

Like this but skinnier.

On our first date I couldn’t help but notice how dolled up she was. I complimented her on how good she looked and she loved that. We went about enjoying our green tea lattes. I had my logistics sorted so bouncing to venue 2 (a jazz bar) was extremely smooth and natural. When we arrived at the bar we got some gin and tonics and found a good booth seat. We must have been there for an hour. The difference between this date and all of my others was that it was mostly non-sexual except for a few key moments. I remember there being a moment after playing strawberry fields when I just kept on holding her hand. The vibe was too electric not to kiss her so I went for it and it worked out. I invited her to my place but she had to take care of some things at home so she couldn’t that night.

I was happy with the date. We tried to set something up the following week but she was sick so she ended up flaking. I was kind of discouraged after that but she did ask to reschedule so I took that as a good sign.

The next week we were texting back and forth and we ended up setting up a dinner date at my place. I was in high spirits all week looking forward to the date until the day before she told me she didn’t want to cook at my place and would actually feel more comfortable meeting in a public place. That hit me like a ton of bricks.


Combined with having a shit day I wasn’t really feeling up for scouting a venue for our date so I decided on the restaurant right around the corner from my house.

When it finally was time for our second date I was feeling much better. She was late, but to be fair, she was coming all the way to my neighborhood. When she finally showed up we talked as we walked to the restaurant. We had Korean BBQ and she was in the mood to drink so we had some shots and beer. I don’t remember being sexual at all, but I already kissed her and invited her home on our previous date so I was taking it easy.

Towards the end of the date we both weren’t enjoying the alcohol at the restaurant so I mentioned I had some tastier stuff at my place (conveniently around the corner) so we bounced. Back at mine, she was all over the place. She danced to my music, played with the wacky lamp on my nightstand and just explored my place in general. I got her to sit still by showing her some pictures from my travels and that’s when I pulled the trigger. I started kissing her which turned into us making out and rolling around passionately. I pulled her pants down and she was a little bit bashful because she hadn’t “prepared” down there but I reassured her that I didn’t care and then – the magic happened!

My actual nightstand. You know what time it is! 😉

The smile on her face was so gorgeous as we were going at it and she even spent the night. 🙂

It is literally the morning after right now. My place is still a mess and I’m sitting here with a stupidly wide grin on my face, in shock that all this happened. Thank god for Daygame!

– Himalaya

I’ve Done 200 Daygame Approaches

I’ve Done 200 Daygame Approaches

This chapter of my Daygame journey begins with a date. This girl flaked on me once before, but I finally got her to come out using the gift technique – trading $1 gifts on our date.  We enjoyed some comfort building chit-chat over brownies and ice cream until I found out she didn’t have that much time to spend with me. Luckily, I planned my logistics in advance so we quickly bounced to venue 2. There we were in a dark bar sitting on the same side of the table enjoying beer and chips. When I noticed she was into the conversation enough to ignore her flashing phone on the table I went for the kiss. She coyly turned away and said “not yet.” I jokingly called her shy and went for another kiss in a few minutes. Things were ruined after that. As soon as I finished my last drop of beer she wanted to leave. I walked her to the subway station and I never saw her again.

I felt unreasonably cocky after that experience. I had now officially been on 2 dates from Daygame so apparently that made me an expert on women. I spotted a western girl in the candy shop downtown and I approached her like this.

A Player from the Himalayas.

A Player from the Himalayas.

As soon as she realized I was flirting with her (or at least trying to), she stopped responding to my texts. The next day I went out Daygaming and got 7 blowouts in a row and on the 8th approach she straight up told me she was not interested in meeting “foreigners.” I needed a change. My Korean wingman suggested I give Seoul a try. There would certainly be more English speaking women there. And so I did.

For the next month I would wake up at 5am on Saturdays, take a 4-hour train from Daegu to Seoul, pick up girls all day, sleep in the cheapest hostel I could find, pick up girls all day again and catch a 4-hour train back home Sunday night. These were truly tough times. It was below freezing temperature on Christmas Eve when I arrived in Seoul, the first time, all alone. I tried a little Nightgame but I was too scared to approach and the one girl I did open blew me off immediately. When I got back to my guest room (jail cell) I broke down and cried. Why did Daygame have to be so hard? Why did women have to be so mean to me?!

That’s not to say all of my time in Seoul was a complete waste. I remember it was around 150 approaches when I finally executed the model correctly. Watching the interaction unfold in front of me was like watching a masterpiece being painted.

My perfect Daygame approach.

I was getting more numbers than ever but still a lot of them were flaking on me. After a few weeks of these jaunts, I came back to Daegu broke and depressed. If you asked me why I was still continuing with this Daygame journey I would struggle to give you a solid answer. Any sane man would have given up by now.

I remember one day being on the brink of tears over all of the pain I was experiencing but I still hopped on the bus and went downtown to do some Daygame just to hit 170 approaches. To my surprise I met the hottest Korean girl I’ve seen on my adventures and I ended up taking her out on a date!

For this date I was determined not to mess things up like the last girl I dated so I did everything exactly the opposite way. We went out to a nice warm cafe, enjoyed some tea and I didn’t try to escalate with her, I just focused on building comfort. We were there for 3 hours. I told this girl everything about myself, my childhood dreams, embarrassing things I did in college, everything. I baited her to chime in every now and then but she seemed more than happy to listen to my stories. At the end of the date I walked her to the subway and she even texted me “thank you for the wonderful night ;).” I never saw that girl again. I was fed up. I booked a 2 week trip to Thailand and didn’t look back.

I had truly given up on Daygame at this point. That is, until my friend Danny brokered a bet between me and my other friend Chris. The terms of the bet are: If Chris gets laid first I have to pay him $100. If I get laid first he has to pay me $100. If none of us got laid we both have to pay Danny $50 each. The deadline is June 1st, 2017.

You get the idea.

You get the idea.

During a particularly memorable night out in Seoul with my friends, Danny really layed into me about my Daygame obsession. “You shouldn’t have been in Seoul by yourself for Christmas, you should have been with your fucking mates!!” he yelled in a drunken rage. “Women are like dogs, they can smell desperation and you are coming across as Mr. I-Need-Pussy!” He was right, but how am I supposed to come across as not caring when it’s my job to initiate things with a woman? At any rate, I was a bit weary of panhandling for pussy in the streets so much.

I was a bit confused after that episode. I wasn’t sure if I should give up or if I should keep going. I loved Daygame but it was clear that it didn’t love me back. Daygame had become like a weird drug addiction only except I wasn’t getting high (i.e. laid). I decided to give it one more go before taking another long break. I hit the streets on Valentine’s Day and successfully opened my first 2-set. They were Russian and they enjoyed talking to me. The one I was hitting on invited me to get pizza with them. It wasn’t technically an I-Date since there were 2 of them but it was a welcomed interruption from my Daygame session. I had lunch with them and I got the contact details of the one I was interested in. I went on yet another vacation – this time to Japan. When I got back, I took the Russian out on a date.

In Soviet Russia, girl hunts you!

In Soviet Russia, girl hunts you!

I met her downtown at 8pm and we went to a trendy coffee shop to have some green tea lattes. It was just basic chit-chat except this time there were a few spikes here and there. We went to a cool Jazz bar for venue 2 and I checked her out on the way which made her giggle. As I was about to begin deep rapport in venue 2 a super loud band began playing. It was too loud to have a decent conversation but we did whisper jokes back and forth to each other about the band. I was having fun on the date, this was the best one yet. When the band finished I tried to carry on with rapport but her friend was in trouble at a near by bar. We went and checked on the friend, all was well, and we resumed our date on some nearby couches. I told her she smiled too much and held her hands for 10 seconds to see if she could be serious for a second. The vibe was electric after that but I was too afraid go for the kiss and I HATE myself for that.

After that it was time to go as she needed to catch the bus back home. I walked her to the station, she gave me a hug and invited me to her campus tomorrow to meet some of her friends. She boarded the bus and vanished into the night. I walked home beating myself up for not taking action at the right moment.

I hung out with her and her friends for about 4 hours in her apartment the next day. I’m sure this was a terrible idea (seduction wise) but I was happy that a girl finally wanted to see me again after a first date so I went with it. As that long day finally came to an end, I found myself alone with her at the bus stop waiting for my bus. It would have been bizarre to just kiss her out of nowhere at this point, but I had to do something as I was surely waist deep in the friendzone by now. I bluntly told her that I liked her, I did some BS palm reading and put her hands on my shoulders and asked (cringe) if she would get mad if I kissed her right now. She quickly put her hands back in her pockets and said it would be too soon, “there’s no rush.” I told her that I wanted to take her out on a “proper date” just to get my intentions across right before I boarded the bus. I rode home in a spiral of anxiety.

Congratulations to me, 200 approaches.

Congratulations, you fucked up again.

The last 10 approaches were a field day. It was a holiday in South Korea and I went downtown determined to hit 200. I was running around approaching girls in high spirits because I could see myself running though the model much better now. Out of those 10 approaches, I got 4 numbers! Go me! Even though they have all flaked or let me down gently with a long and thought out text message it was still an exhilarating experience.

So where does that leave me now? I have done 200 approaches in total, and out of this set of 100 I’ve gotten 20 phone numbers, 3 dates and 0 lays. Even though I am technically doing a lot better than my first 100 approaches it doesn’t feel like it. I feel like I have crossed a stormy ocean and washed up on a warm sandy beach thinking I have made it to the promise land only to look up and see a mountain that I must now climb. That mountain being sexual escalation.

My challenge moving forward is – having the courage to escalate and having the calibration to do it smoothly. That and keeping my Daygame shenanigans away from my friends who are genuinely concerned for my mental health along this journey. For my next 100 approaches I think I will try Gutter game/Bar game because I assume that will give me more opportunities to escalate. I don’t know what’s going to happen moving forward, I don’t even know if I’m on the right track but one thing is for certain, I have to keep going if I want to become a successful PUA.

– Himalaya



I’ve Done 100 Daygame Approaches

I’ve Done 100 Daygame Approaches

Before I get started this is not another London-based PUA blog. Far from it. I am a 23-year-old American ex-pat living in Daegu, South Korea and I have taken it upon myself to begin the quest of learning Daygame after a particularly rocky summer with my now ex-girlfriend.

I have a bit of pre-daygame experience. At the beginning of the summer I took a trip to Seoul to try to pick up some girls. My first approach almost led to a 1-night-stand. It was exciting but it was blind luck. It was an extremely nerve-racking weekend but I did learn that I gravitate towards quieter environments instead of loud bars and clubs. Coincidentally, that summer I came across a few daygame blogs (,, and that really resonated with me. I was very inspired by their transformations and decided that if they could claw their way up into this daygame lifestyle, then I could to!

By the end of summer I managed to date my first Korean girl (who ended up friend-zoning me) and a cute German girl (which ended in a kiss). I decided I was fully ready to commit to the daygame journey after muddling around with it for a summer.

I officially started my adventure in October of 2016. I hit the streets of downtown Daegu with a vengeance. It took me 6 hours and 8 approaches but I got my first phone number from daygame and I couldn’t be happier. I felt like I was walking on a cloud. It was truly a euphoric moment. But I soon learned about the dramatic ups and downs of daygame. I crashed when I realized that she was never going to come out on a date with me.


This was me.

It was around 50 approaches when I finally got the number of a cute Korean girl who agreed to go out on a date with me. Initially I wasn’t even going to text her because I didn’t think she was interested in me and I was a bit shell-shocked from all of the rejection I was experiencing. I didn’t plan logistics for the date because I didn’t think she would actually show up, but she did, and I screwed up Tom Torero’s Dating Model (just like I did with the first Korean girl I dated).

Things were tough after that experience because I knew it would be a while until I found another girl who spoke English, would give me her phone number and would come out on a date with me. There is literally a graveyard of text conversations in my phone that have went dead.



I picked myself up out of the resulting slump that I was in and hit the streets again. I managed to number close a girl and the following day I number closed another girl in the same exact location. It felt good. Strange things happen when you spend so much time in the city center picking up girls. I met a Korean guy and we befriended each other immediately and walked around downtown, daygaming together. He was my personal translator. It was educational and hilarious at the same time! We were a real life Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan duo roaming the streets.


Me and my wingman Daygaming.

The following day I capitalized on the momentum of that unusual experience and I managed to number close 2 girls back to back. I had a huge triumphant grin on my face after that! I congratulated myself because Daygaming alone in a foreign country is HARD and I reached 100 approaches that day. I was proud of myself.

So where does that leave me now? I’ve done 100 approaches, I’ve gotten 9 phone numbers and 1 date. That might not sound like a lot (because it isn’t) but if that’s the price I have to pay to be in control of my dating life then so be it.

I’ve learned the importance of emotional control on this journey. It’s difficult getting into a good mood everyday after work to do daygame not to mention all of the highs and lows you encounter when you are actually daygaming. For my next 100 approaches I hope I date at least 2 girls and make it to the seduction phase of the dating model. You never know what will happen when you are out there daygaming, but whatever happens, I just hope it’s better than these 100 approaches.

– Himalaya